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We all went into medicine to take care of patients. Project Access allows us to do that and blend it in with our usual work in the office and hospital.
– Suzanne Landis, MD, Co-Founder, Project Access, PhysiciansInnovation.org
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The highest ideal of medicine is to help people, regardless of their ability to pay. This brings out the best in doctors.”
– Peter Ellis, MD, NH Register, Doctors giving health care reform a head start. Randall Beach, December 28, 2010

Benefits of Joining

  • Many doctors already provide free care yet find it frustrating and ineffective
  • If all doctors participate a little bit, then no one doctor is overwhelmed
  • Frees up staff time spent on:
    • Securing referrals to specialists
    • Obtaining pharmaceuticals
    • Performing financial screening
  • Patients enrolled in Project Access have access to the full continuum of care (labs, pathology, imaging, etc.)
  • Value of donated care is tracked
  • Doctors receive recognition
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