Why Join

We all went into medicine to take care of patients. Project Access allows us to do that and blend it in with our usual work in the office and hospital.
– Suzanne Landis, MD, Co-Founder, Project Access, PhysiciansInnovation.org

The highest ideal of medicine is to help people, regardless of their ability to pay. This brings out the best in doctors.”
– Peter Ellis, MD, NH Register, Doctors giving health care reform a head start. Randall Beach, December 28, 2010

Benefits of Joining

  • Many doctors already provide free care yet find it frustrating and ineffective
  • If all doctors participate a little bit, then no one doctor is overwhelmed
  • Frees up staff time spent on:
    • Securing referrals to specialists
    • Obtaining pharmaceuticals
    • Performing financial screening
  • Patients enrolled in Project Access have access to the full continuum of care (labs, pathology, imaging, etc.)
  • Value of donated care is tracked
  • Doctors receive recognition


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