Project Access is committed to serving the needs of its patients. All care is donated; we cannot guarantee access to all specialists or needed services.

Project Access of New Haven Offers The Following Services:

  • Assistance with locating a physician or other health care provider
  • Assistance with obtaining low cost medications
  • Assistance with scheduling all medical appointments for your urgent specialty care needs
  • Listening and understanding the needs of our volunteer physicians and providers
  • Listening and understanding patient needs and concerns
  • Communicating, when necessary, between the patient and the physician or provider
  • Arranging and documenting a patient’s specialty consultation
  • Maintaining confidentiality of personal and health information that we collect

As a Project Access Patient You Accept The Following Responsibilities:

As a Project Access patient – You agree that you:

  • Will follow your treatment plan, for example: fill prescribed medicines and take as directed. If you cannot afford your prescription, you will call us.
  • Will promptly supply any information requested by the program staff.
  • Will get a referral from your doctor in order to use other services provided by Project Access (x-rays, blood tests, and so forth).
  • Will immediately contact Project Access if your income changes or if you become covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance or any other medical benefits.
  • Will apply for Medicaid or other assistance programs if eligible.
  • Will contact Project Access immediately with any changes in your address or phone number.
  • Will return Project Access calls and other communications promptly (within 24 hours).
  • Understand the eligibility guidelines, and agree to follow them.
  • You or a family member will try to give back to Project Access by writing testimonials, providing language interpretation, or other ways that can assist the program.
  • Will participate in our initial and follow-up health surveys.

When visiting a doctor – You agree to:

  • Keep each doctor’s appointment. Because each doctor’s time is valuable, should you need to cancel an appointment, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required. Should you miss two appointments without prior notification, your enrollment in Project Access will be terminated.
  • Present your Project Access ID card each time you see a doctor or other health care provider.
  • Report to the Project Access Patient Care Navigator when you have visited the emergency room for our tracking purposes.
  • Be patient. You understand that the services we offer are those volunteered through area physicians and other healthcare providers and, given the need, there may be a wait until you get an appointment. In addition, we may not be able to provide the full spectrum of services in each area, because they are not donated.