How do I qualify for Project Access?

If you meet the following requirements you may qualify for services through Project Access:

  • Have a current urgent medical need that requires specialty care
  • Live in the Greater New Haven area
  • Have no medical insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, or government benefits
  • Have a gross family annual household income below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level

If you think you are eligible, please have your medical provider call Project Access at (203) 773-0838 to speak with a Patient Navigator.


To determine whether you are eligible for Project Access, please bring the following documents to the meeting with the Patient Navigator:

  • ID card with picture (driver’s license, Elm City ID card, passport…)
  • Mail with name and address
  • Pay stubs for the last month (4 weeks) or last month’s bank statement that states household income
  • Last year’s tax returns (if available)

All enrollees in Project Access will be required to sign a patient responsibilities form.

Financial eligibility will be reassessed for all enrollees in PA-NH every six months, regardless of status within the program.


If you meet financial eligibility for other state or federal (Veteran Affairs) insurance plans, the Project Access Patient Navigators will assist you with applications for these programs.

Once you have met eligibility qualifications, you will be enrolled in Project Access-New Haven. As a patient, you will receive:

  • Specialty care services through your course of care as long as you remain qualified for the program
  • A Project Access Patient Navigator who will arrange your appointments with specialty care providers, and any additional services or tests needed
  • Patient prescription assistance for those who qualify