New Haven Patients

Patient Participation

  • Eligibility & Services

    You may be eligible for Project Access-New Haven, if you can say yes to two questions and have no other insurance including, Medicaid [e.g. SAGA, HUSKY], Medicare (e.g. Social Security, SSD or SSI), Government Benefits (e.g. Veterans benefits)... Read More.
  • Program Commitments

    Project Access-New Haven Accepts The Following Responsibilities: assisting you in finding a physician or other health care provider, assisting you in getting low cost medications, listening and understanding the needs of our volunteer physicians and providers, listening and understanding patient needs and concerns... Read More.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    "What if I can't afford the prescription I'm given?" Contact the PA-NH Patient Care Coordinator and we will try to help you. We use a program called RxAssist Plus that can assist with finding medication discount programs... Read More.