Patient Participation

In Project Access-New Haven (PA-NH), physicians, hospitals, and community organizations work together to provide donated specialty health care for low-income, uninsured individuals in the greater New Haven area.

All physician office visits, labs, radiology, hospital visits, language interpretation, and treatments are donated by the health care providers, hospitals, and community organizations that participate in PA-NH.

The mission of PA-NH is to improve access to specialty care for uninsured individuals in the greater New Haven area through donated services.

Physician Participation

Project Access-New Haven (PA-NH) relies on the dedication of hundreds of primary care and specialty physicians, working together to provide care for the uninsured.

Through the generosity of local hospitals, PA-NH patients can access ancillary (e.g., laboratory, pathology, imaging...) and hospital based services.

Care coordinators assist patients with appointments and navigation of the health care system. Barriers to access are addressed so that physicians can focus on delivering the highest quality care.

Community Participation

Members of the New Haven community have played a vital role in the creation and design of Project Access-New Haven (PA-NH).

Many of our community partners have long given voice to the growing problem of inadequate access to high quality specialty care that thousands of our neighbors face each day.

These local organizations are crucial to the mission and sustainability of PA-NH, as they represent the communities and individuals who will benefit the most from our services.