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Christian Community Action

“I understand how important it is to create and work within a system that offers decent, affordable, and accessible health care. Our current system does not achieve this goal, so other supportive initiatives have been and continue to be established to supplement what is in place. Project Access New Haven attempts to do just that.

By implementing a model that allows for greater coordination, increased access to specialty care and improved ancillary service provision, individuals who have difficulty having their health needs met will be better off. Even if a model for the provision of health may change to be more universal, the reality is that access will still be an issue. Yes, access to care will not be addressed even if the system is changed, but can be through Project Access. ”

– Bonita Grubbs, Executive Director, Christian Community Action

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City of New Haven Department of Health

“Project Access New Haven offers the opportunity for the New Haven Health Department and our clinical partners to help create solutions. Your strong commitment and willingness to listen to our community agencies such as JUNTA for Progressive Action, IRIS, and Christian Community Action are laudable.

You have responded to the needs of underserved communities in New Haven who are most likely to be the recipients of the care provided through Project Access.”

– Maria Damiani, Director of Maternal and Child and Women’s Health,
City of New Haven Department of Health

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Fair Haven Community Health Center

“Project Access is an invaluable resource for our uninsured patients. Without Project Access, our 3000+ patients without insurance would have very few options for urgent specialty care.”

– – Dr. Suzanne Lagarde, Chief Executive Officer,
Fair Haven Community health Center