Research and Evaluation Program

Project Access-New Haven (PA-NH) collects and analyzes data to evaluate our impact on health care delivery, health care utilization, and patient-reported outcomes.  In addition, we are conducting a pilot project to evaluate the efficacy and feasibility of our patient navigation model for Medicaid-insured frequent users of the Emergency Department.  Finally, we are in the process of conducting a stakeholder engagement and needs assessment initiative that will inform organizational decision-making and program planning surrounding a more formal expansion to the Medicaid population.


Selected publications & presentations:

  • Capp R, Kelley L, Ellis P, Carmona J, Lofton A, Cobbs-Lomax D, D’Onofrio G. The Impact of Patient Navigation on Emergency Department Utilization and Hospital Admissions for Medicaid-Insured Frequent Emergency Department (ED) Users: A Randomized Control Trial. In development.
  • Capp R, Kelley L, Ellis P, Carmona J, Lofton A, Cobbs-Lomax D, D’Onofrio G. Reasons for Frequent Emergency Department Use by Medicaid Enrollees: A Qualitative Study. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2016; 23(4): 476-81.
  • Kelley L, Spatz E, Cobbs-Lomax D, Ellis P, D’Onofrio G, Lofton A, Carmona J, Borgstrom B, Capp R. Impact of Patient Navigation on Patient-Reported Access/Barriers to Care among Medicaid-Insured, Frequent Emergency Department Users. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, 6/14/15, Minneapolis, MN [Poster Presentation].
  • Capp R, Kelley L, Cobbs-Lomax D, Ellis P, Lofton A, Carmona J, Spatz E, D’Onofrio G. Assessing the Impact of Patient Navigation on Reducing Emergency Department Visits for Adult Medicaid Frequent ED Users: A Randomized Controlled Trial. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, 6/16/15, Minneapolis, MN [Panel Presentation].
  • Capp C, Camp-Binford M, Sobolewski S, Bulmer S, Kelley L. Do Adult Medicaid Enrollees Prefer Going to Their Primary Care Provider’s Clinic Rather Than the Emergency Department (ED) for Low Acuity Conditions? Medical Care. 2015; 53(6): 530-533.